Benefits of Giving Through Us

Strengthen our parishes and our Catholic community.

The Catholic Foundation exists to inspire and facilitate financial planning and giving that promotes the Gospel, transforms lives and glorifies God.

Giving through the Foundation supports Catholic parishes, schools and other charitable organizations. And while you can give directly to those causes, when you channel your giving through the Foundation you gain the advantages of our staff expertise, faith-based priorities and the standards in our Morally-Responsible Investment Policy.

The Catholic Foundation accepts current and deferred gifts to provide the financial resources needed to meet many diverse needs in six diverse categories of grants: Caring for our Community, Teaching our Children, Spreading the Good News, Strengthening our Parishes, Preparing Our Priests and Bridging the Gap.

Established in 1998, The Catholic Foundation of Northern Colorado is a 501(c)(3) public charity, a public juridic person of the Catholic Church and a separate legal entity from the Archdiocese of Denver. This legal status enables the Foundation to safeguard your gifts for the charitable purpose you specify.

It is important that you contact us and name The Catholic Foundation of Northern Colorado (FEIN: 84-1481641) as the recipient of your gift to take advantage of these benefits.

Holy Family Legacy Society

Holy Family Legacy Society

Family and legacy go hand in hand.

Both family and legacy are dear to us. And both are shaped for the future by the choices we make today.

For those who plan a future gift to The Catholic Foundation of Northern Colorado, we have created the Holy Family Legacy Society. We thank you sincerely—and someday, those you bless through your gift will also appreciate your generosity.

Galatians 6:9-10


We are pleased to acknowledge you when you plan a future gift by:

  • Making a bequest through your will
  • Designating us as the beneficiary of your retirement funds
  • Assigning us as beneficiary to your life insurance policy
  • Establishing a charitable trust or annuity
  • Creating another type of deferred gift

You may designate your gift to the Foundation itself, or through the Foundation for a specific purpose—for example, to your parish fund or another Catholic organization.

Please Join Us

To join the Holy Family Legacy Society, simply click or call to contact us. If you have already made your gift plans, we would like the opportunity to confirm them with you. Or, if needed, we would be honored to help you with the arrangements. You have the option to list your name or remain anonymous.

As a member of the Society, you receive invitations to events and opportunities provided by The Catholic Foundation including:

  • Participation in our annual thank you Mass and Evening of Appreciation with the Archbishop
  • Apostolic Blessing Certificate
  • Remembrance of your family and its generosity in Mass intentions, now and forever