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Keep donors informed and encouraged in their support of your good work.

This page is offered as a resource for parishes that participate in our Parish Matching Program. If you are interested in learning more about this program and how it can help your parishioners stay informed about the many ways they can give, please contact us.

Parish Matching Program

As part of the Parish Matching Program, The Catholic Foundation is providing the following information for your use in communicating to your parishioners on a regular basis about the many ways of giving. This information will provide them with an opportunity to leave a legacy of their faith for the benefit of your parish and future generations.

The Parish Matching Program encourages Bulletin and Newsletter announcements on a weekly basis and requires them on a monthly basis.

  • Weekly announcements give parishioners a consistent reminder.
  • Monthly announcements provide specific steps in follow-up to the weekly announcements.

These announcements help to remind your parishioners about your Parish Fund. They help your parishioners learn how to designate special gifts to your Parish Fund and/or remember your Parish Fund in their Wills.

Keeping this information in front of your parishioners will help to build your Parish Fund at The Catholic Foundation for the future needs of your parish.


The following are examples of weekly announcements that will help to keep this information about your Parish Fund in front of your parishioners each time they read your Bulletin or Newsletter.

Remember, it is important to maintain a consistent flow of these announcements, so the concept of giving to your parish through The Catholic Foundation stays at the front of their minds and in their hearts.

Please review these sample announcements and select the ones that you think will be most helpful to your parishioners. It is important that they reference your Parish Fund held at The Catholic Foundation.

It is helpful to vary the messages at times. Place these in a prominent spot in your weekly parish bulletins and newsletters:

Where is Your Money Going?
Contribute to our Parish Fund at The Catholic Foundation (303-468-9885).

Remember Us in Your Future Plans
Please consider us in your Will. Contact The Catholic Foundation at 303-468-9885.

Please Remember our Parish Fund in your Will — Contact The Catholic Foundation (303-468-9885)

Please Remember our School and Parish Funds in your Will — Contact The Catholic Foundation (303-468-9885)

How Will You Remember?
Please consider our Parish Fund with a gift or in your Will. Designate it for the benefit of ______ parish to The Catholic Foundation. If you have questions, please contact The Catholic Foundation at 303-468-9885.

Where there’s a Will . . .
Our Parish Fund has partnered with The Catholic Foundation. You may include us in a special gift or in your will by designating The Catholic Foundation for the benefit of ______ parish. If you have questions, please contact The Catholic Foundation at 303-468-9885.


Click here for more specific announcements about your Parish Fund that can be placed in your Parish Bulletins and Newsletters. We suggest they be used in rotation.

The Parish Matching Program requires one of these announcements to be used monthly, but weekly placement is encouraged. These announcements are to be used in tandem with the weekly announcements noted above.

If you have questions, please contact Jean Finegan at The Catholic Foundation.