Spreading the Good News

Our faith is both historic and living.

Our Catholic beliefs carry the truth and tradition handed down to us through generations—and they remain vital to how we live our lives today.

We uphold the teachings of Holy Scripture and the heritage of our Catechism through evangelization and education, so people of all ages can experience the fullness of Christian life.

And so it is important that gifts of The Catholic Foundation and its donors sustain ministries that deliver the good news of the Gospel of Christ Jesus, our Lord.

Donna’s Story

“I don’t get to be a mom anymore.”

That was the hardest realization for Donna when her second son died. He was diagnosed with Leukemia as an adult and died in 2000. Her first son had died as an infant.

“It’s a major thing to lose your family. But if you have faith, you know you’re going to see them again. I don’t know how people get through the crises of life without faith.”

A Cradle Convert

Donna did not grow up in a particularly religious family, but calls herself a “cradle convert” because she was fascinated by the Church at an early age. She converted to Catholicism and has since actively participated in her parish, Nativity of Our Lord in Broomfield.

The loss of her second son prompted Donna to consider again the deeply precious gift of her faith and the legacy she will one day leave behind.

“My husband and I had been looking at our estate and were going to leave half to each of our colleges. But I had already set up a scholarship in memory of my son. I decided I had already done enough for the school, and so we added a codicil to our wills to redirect funds to support our faith.”

The Good News

Donna created a bequest that will result in a future gift to The Catholic Foundation. She designated her gift to the Charles J. Chaput O.F.M. Cap. Apostolic Fund to help spread the good news of the Gospel through Catholic ministries and Archdiocesan projects.

“We have the opportunity to give and give and give while we’re alive. But this is a way for me to support what I believe in even after I’m gone, and it will happen through people I trust.”

Holy Family Legacy Society

Like others who have included a gift to The Catholic Foundation in their will, Donna and her husband are now members of the Holy Family Legacy Society, affirming the importance of their gift planning.

“We are not wealthy people…. You don’t have to have millions of dollars to leave a legacy to continue the work of the Church when you’re gone. If you can’t give it today, almost everybody has something they’ll leave behind.”

A Gifted Life

“We all have the gift of life. If we are co-creators in this world with God, then we need to pay attention to that. We can be busy taking care of our families and other needs—but we will all leave something behind. I think it’s good to leave it to an organization that supports the way you lived your life and what you believe.”

If you are inspired to support The Catholic Foundation in spreading the good news, take a few moments to consider: What Inspires You? Then, please contact us to explore your options.