Strengthening Our Parishes

Strengthening Our Parishes

We are a trusted partner in financial stewardship.

The spirit of our Catholic community lies in the strength of our parishes, where everyday, faithful people celebrate, learn, serve and find support for raising their families and making life’s most significant decisions.

The Catholic Foundation understands that strong financial stewardship helps make all of this possible.

We manage special program and endowment funds to support the unique needs of our parishes. We can help parishes establish funds or gift-planning opportunities through wills and trusts.

Alan’s Story

“I wanted to give back to the church, which has given so much to me.”

Alan’s simple statement reveals something we often take for granted: that Sundays counted in ordinary time add up to something far more than ordinary in our lives—because our local parish is where we experience the gift of sacramental grace.


On a beautiful summer day, pictures of the parish picnic showed faith and fellowship at St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Greeley.

In one snapshot, families gathered first for Mass. Other pictures showed them congregating for lunch—all ages—with elbows on red-checked tablecloths, enjoying corn on the cob and grilled burgers.

These photo memories bring more scenes to mind: celebrating the sacraments, faith formation classes, youth ministry gatherings, adult Bible studies and marriage enrichment groups—just to name a few.


Our Catholic community is compelled to give in ways that will strengthen our parishes for generations to come. Alan encouraged St. Mary’s, his parish, to consider giving programs available through The Catholic Foundation.

“Staff from the Foundation came to Greeley and made presentations that helped to convince the finance council and the school foundation of the merits of these programs,” he said. “Our pastor was open to new ideas, and it wasn’t long before he was directing us to explore them in greater depth.”


The Catholic Foundation provides stewardship expertise and options that parishes may not be able to offer on their own, such as establishing funds through the Foundation to receive and invest gifts on behalf of the parish. Parishioners can use our free planning services to create thoughtful gifts for the future.

“One parishioner assigned a life insurance policy to St. Mary’s through the Foundation. Another used the Foundation’s resources to write the parish into their will. Others considered naming the parish as the beneficiary of retirement accounts.”

Planned giving activities will result in financial windfalls into the future, allowing St. Mary’s to provide for capital needs and ministries that otherwise might be impossible. In the years ahead, Alan will see new faces at St. Mary’s annual picnic—with the same commitment to faith and family, strengthened by these gifts.

Alan’s name has been changed to respect privacy.

If you are inspired to support The Catholic Foundation in strengthening our parishes, take a few moments to consider: What Inspires You? Then, please contact us to explore your options.