How does it work?

A Donor-Advised Account for Catholics helps you easily give funds to the causes that matter to you most.

  • Start your account at The Catholic Foundation with a simple agreement that can be completed in minutes.
  • Contribute assets to your account as an individual, family or corporation—or transfer assets from another foundation or donor-advised fund.
  • Recommend charitable gift distributions from your account to Catholic parishes, schools, seminaries, apostolates or other nonprofit organizations.
  • Enjoy peace of mind that your account will be professionally managed by the Foundation’s morally-responsible investment policies.
  • Receive special tax advantages and an immediate charitable tax deduction for each contribution to your account.
  • Experience the joy of giving while The Catholic Foundation handles the paperwork

What are the benefits?

Immediate tax deduction when you donate cash, stocks, real estate or other assets.
Your gift can grow over time. While you are deciding which charities to support, your gift can potentially grow based on investment results, making more money available for your charities.
You can grant gifts to any IRS-qualified charity from your donor-advised fund when it is convenient for you.

Advantages of a Donor-Advised Fund

A Donor-Advised Fund provides you with a turnkey solution to fulfill your giving goals. Consider the advantages when compared to a traditional investment portfolio or family foundation:

Professional and morally-responsible management of investments with expert Foundation oversight.
Your personal or paid investment management process with possible investments in entities contrary to our Catholic faith.

Giving may be recorded in your name or remain absolutely anonymous, according to the timing and amounts that you desire.
Family foundation tax returns are public record, and require distributions of at least 5% of the fund value each year.

Charitable tax deduction up to 60% of adjusted gross income when you contribute assets, regardless of when they are distributed.
Only up to 30% when you deposit assets into a family foundation.

Cost-efficient account administration through The Catholic Foundation.
Family foundations must bear all administrative costs.

Distribution requests are handled by experienced Foundation staff who are fellow Catholics, available also to help you evaluate giving opportunities.
You must establish a process yourself, to evaluate and respond to giving opportunities.